Impact Teams

Your organization has a heart for the nations and is ready to go! Leave the heavy lifting and planning to us—we'll equip your team for a short-term trip with eternal impact.

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Want to go with people you know?

Bring an Impact Team to Make a Difference for Students Overseas

Put together a team from your organization or fellowship to go on a short-term trip! Impact teams are built on the solid foundation of existing communities. You'll be making a difference for students and teachers overseas and strengthening your community at home along the way. Teams built on common experience and existing relationships are especially powerful for short-term work, where team bonding time is limited. With the foundation already laid for solid teamwork, you will be able to grow closer with each other and have a greater capacity to impact the community in the country you visit. Your friendships and the difference you make while you are there will last long past the end of your trip!


A team of 6-12 people from your organization growing together as you make an impact across cultures.


Serving a community overseas while building community with your team from home.


Investing in students' lives as you come alongside established long-term teaching teams

What's Included for Your Impact Team

Food and housing

International travel

Sightseeing opportunities

Medical and evacuation coverage

Orientation, training, and debriefing
Visa and document processing
Support development materials
Donor receipting
Teaching curriculum
Screening and team placement
Contracts with individual host schools
Recruiting Resources

Our team would love to hear from you and send you more info to get started. Let us know how to get in touch with you!