Learn About Our Programs

We have worked with our partners and staff teams to create multiple programs that fit nearly any stage of life. 

Our programs include:

  • University Teaching Program - Commit for 2 years or as a career.
  • EQUIP - A one-year development program for recent college graduates.
  • Project 5.6 - A six-month internship opportunity.
  • Engage - Join us for a few weeks during the summer. Available for anyone 18-70 years old.

Meet Some of Our Team

The Mobilization Team at ELIC works hard to find, interview, and prepare hundreds of teachers each year to go overseas with us. If you're interested in going with us, take a few minutes to read about those that will help get you there. 

Browse Our  Opportunities

We have many opportunities for teaching in each of our countries. Go to our Opportunities page and browse the various options.