University and college students across the globe are facing the biggest decisions of their lives.

Often these years will be a time of formation, becoming, in many ways, the people they will be as they enter the "real world" post graduation. Not only that but for better or worse, the majority of the worlds future leaders, policy makers, academics, and teachers are in universities right now. Could there be a more strategic place to reach people with life transforming hope and good news that they could be encouraged to share and pass on for the rest of their lives! Join us for this discussion as we explore the decisions being made, challenges faced, and share hopeful stories of impact.

Join us on January 14 at 1 p.m. or 8 p.m. eastern.

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Chris Liberto is passionate about education and the impact that quality teaching can have on the lives of students. He currently lives in Virginia where he travels extensively to share his knowledge and experience in how teaching overseas is a worthwhile endeavor.